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We are not sure what to think but we can assure you that Haiti needs help. Please look into various forms of help.
The Red Cross being the most popular.

A few hours ago I sent out a mass message via Blackberry basically stating not to be naive and fwd these stupid annoying ignorant messages about the phone companies supposedly giving .35 cents for every message forwarded about Haitian relief efforts to Haiti.. There were other thing bothering me but at that moment I wanted [...]

Out to lunch —–> leave an Impression…

Posted on January 6th, 2010 by MichaelMadd

Before you treat to an expensive dinner…
See if you vibe with her over a cheap good lunch..
(Sorry ladies —> just being smart! to many of you are dinner sharks!!! )
Here’s my picks for some of the Best Tasting & Quality Lunches in South Beach For Under $10 Bucks

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