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in the mind of madd - temp web page 2

A million and 1 web sites..

A million and 1 blogs..

Blah blah blah…

All the same shit just a different page….

A star was born…

The reality blog site experience!

Get real life up close and personal interviews with celebrity promoter
“Michael Madd” and his entertainment industry friends, foes, fans & associates.

See a lil bit of the day in the life of  Michael as he truly allows you to
get “In The Mind of Madd” with some of his deep yet at times sarcastic,

thought provoking blog notes about life, relationships,

theories and philosophies.

Just read 1 of his ever so popular notes and see just why people are Madd about Michael..

You will be hooked.

“We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, just trying to make it spin a lil different!” -Michael Madd

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