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Where do I begin??
Id say with a deep breath because you need to take a lot of those in dealings with the bitch you all love to hate..

Donald J Trump Presents
The Ultimate Merger

Season Debut tonight
At 9pm on Tv One.

Only few characters of this full of surprises reality show will be remembered..

I promise you I’m on that list.

Call it cocky?!?! I laugh..

That’s just the reality of it.

All the fellas are unique in their own way but not all of them are quite like mike..

I can’t spill the beans to much but I promise you I didn’t take any of Miss Bitch Switch’s antics and I always let her know who I am & where I stand.
The way a man should in dealing with an overpowering self dominating villain so to speak.

Maybe she loves it deep down, maybe she butts heads with my personality and hates it, but ill tell you this,
The moment she senses weakness she’s gonna attack you like an untamed animal hungry for what we call fame or press, ratings or whatever..

Me, I’m having fun being the same me I am everyday.. On or off the camera I’m always the same me…
Love me or leave me alone!

Needless to say,
I saw I totally different side of Lady O and all I can say is, I’m not scared of her at all..

I’m actually very excited to see how this show pans out for all of us.
I promise you it won’t be anything short of entertaining.

As for what happens between Me and Omarosa personally… Well, you are gonna have to tune in and watch but ill tell you this much.. I’ll be on your television screens for enough time to shine.. How long.. Well your gonna have to watch and see.

Follow me on twitter for the min to min plays… Will be juicy for sure..

Michael Madd
Follow me on twitter @michaelmadd

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